10 December 2018
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Human Resource Development Centre was established in 1987 as Academic Staff College but It was renamed as Human Resource Development Centre in the year 2015. It is established as a crucial link between teacher motivation and the quality of education. It was suggested by the National Policy on Education 1986. We have been working for excellence in higher education since 1987. We help the College and University teachers in developing their skills. We organise specially designed orientation programmes for all new entrants at the level of lecturers. We also organise such programmes (orientation or refresher courses) for serving teachers to cover every teacher at least once in three to five years. We try to encourage teachers to participate in seminars, symposia, workshops etc.

Useful Links
Online Refresher Course in English Language Teaching  
Application for RUSA Sponsored Academic Excellence Tour (For Administrative Staff)
Application for RUSA Sponsored Academic Excellence Tour (For Academicians)  

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