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Telegram : ACASAFF : 079-26302962
Email : ascguj@gmail.com Fax No. : 079-26305010
UGC Human Resource Development Centre
(U.G.C. Sponsored Programme)
Schools of Social Science Building, Gujarat University Campus,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009
Date : 18/9/2020
   Ref : Your Application
  STC on Research Paper Writing (10-Feb-2020 to 16-Feb-2020)
  Dear Dr. Banik Biplab ,
In reply to your application, we are happy to inform that you are selected as a participant for the STC on Research Paper Writing (10-Feb-2020 to 16-Feb-2020) organized by U.G.C Human Resource Development Centre , Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
  1. You are requested to submit the enclosed acceptance letter duly signed by Principal/Head of your institution on or before to us 10-02-2020 .
  2. The course will be held from Dt. 10-02-2020 to 16-02-2020 at UGC Human Resource Develpoment Centre,University School of Social Sciences,Gujarat University,Navrangpura,Ahmedabad-380 009(Gujarat).
  3. You sre requested to register for the course during 11 .00 to 12.00 10-02-2020 .
  4. The course is necessarily be fulltime and residential.  
  Please Note the following :
  1. A test durint the course and attendance at all the sessions is (mandatory)compulsory for all the participants;
  2. If Your Institution/College/University is covered under perview of 12(B)of UGC and you are entitled to received Ta. The Amount of TA will be deposited in  your A/c by NEFT after successful completion of the Course. You are requested to submit a Photocopy of Cheque preferable SBI for the Same.

  3. Those who have not send Rs.1000/- D.D.(Non-Refundable).Please send it with your acceptance letter,
    in favour of 'Director : Academic Staff College,Ahmedabad.
  4. The call letter will be treated as cancelled, if your college doesn't have 2F Certificate or completed minimum 3 years from the date of affiliation .
  5. For hostel accommodation please contact Mr.Kalpesh Vasaiya, on 7874730304 or Office
  Looking forward to meeting you, With best wishes,
  Yours sincerely,
  Dr. Jagdish S. Joshi
  Human Resource Development Centre
  STC on Research Paper Writing (10-Feb-2020 to 16-Feb-2020)
Acceptance Letter
  From :

Banik Biplab

Ph No. : 9954164021 

  Date :
  The Director,
  UGC Human Resource Development Centre,
  School of Social Science,
  Gujarat University,
  Ahmedabad-380 009.
  Sub : Acceptance to join STC on Research Paper Writing (10-Feb-2020 to 16-Feb-2020)
  Dear Sir,
I have received your Call Letter. I thank you for your invitation to join STC on Research Paper Writing (10-Feb-2020 to 16-Feb-2020) from Dt.10-02-2020 to 16-02-2020.
I accept the invitation and confirm my participation.I shall be registering on dt.10-02-2020(11.00 to 12.00) . I read the rules & regulations regarding the course and fully agree to abide them.
I am reaching Ahmedabad at ------------------------ on--------------------


I request you to deposited the amount of my TA & to the following bank Account

(preferable  SBI)

Name of The Bank

A/c No                 IFSC Code   Name Of Branch

City Name   


  We Certify that our Instittion/College/University is Coverd under the perveiw of
  (1) UGC 2F Since _________ Year/________Not Coverd.
  (2) UGC 12(B) Since ______ Year /________ Not Coverd.
  (Fill in or Strike out necessary fields)
  Thanking you,



  Yours truly,
  Forwarded through me.
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